Chronic Pain Reduction with Enzymes

Over 80% of people I treat suffer from chronic pain, including joint & muscle pain, tendinitis, ligament or nerve pain, sinusitis, headaches, and much more.  Of course acupuncture can be helpful, especially after several treatments.  However, pain can be a symptom of built up undigested protein toxins in the body, from past use of cow dairy, gluten, soy or even nuts. The best way to reduce and eliminate chronic pain is through the use of proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes such as protease  This has been the single most useful clinical tool I have found after 16 years in practice: take your enzymes WITHOUT food for systemic detox and pain reduction.

Bromelain, another type of enzyme, in high potency (2000-2400 gdu, 400-500 mg.) is available at most every health food store.  This pineapple enzyme can reduce any type of inflammation, including that from injury, sprains, strains, bee stings, gout, etc. This is the best place to start, but will likely not clear out all the pain your body.  Next try Pancreatin 8x, then Pancreatin 4x, all without food. Hopefully more people will learn about this important way to detox and heal.


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