Help You Heal
Help You Heal
Annie Osborn offers integrative consultations, one-on-one treatment sessions and natural supplementation. Here you can design your own personal healing journey and define your self-care program. You will also learn about natural medicine and how to get moving & vibrating to your advanced light body wellness potential.
Natural Medicine
Natural Medicine
Looking for solutions to your unique health challenges? Annie Osborn will meet you before your symptoms become problems and take you by the hand. After only three sessions in her Santa Rosa / Sonoma Rejuvenation Clinic, you will feel better, have more energy and be on the healing path after treating the layers often masking the underlying cause of those dysfunctions, deficiencies and weakened health conditions.
Keep On Track
Keep On Track
Annie Osborn uses proprietary naturopathic nutritionals formulated to correct the symptoms of specific conditions and organ deficiencies.
Staying healthy is easier once you’ve completed specific protocols using our online medicinary. Ongoing education, newsletters, blog & FAQs are provided for products and their function as well. So you can stay in touch and share your healthy story with us.




A year ago I came to Annie burned out with adrenal fatigue and numerous issues related to that syndrome. With great insight, expertise and intuition, Annie began to unravel the symptoms and get to the core imbalances in my system. Over time, like unpeeling an onion, she helped me start to feel better, more alive and strong, as she very adeptly treated the series of thyroid, adrenal and pituitary issues that unfolded. My tiredness, depression and cravings started to subside. Annie helped get me to the place where I felt in touch with my core strength again. In the process, with her guidance about weight loss, I was able to shed the 40 pounds that had been both a symptom and one of the causes of my fatigue. I have never felt better, or gotten such profound healing in such a short period of time, given the severity of my condition. I am grateful for having found Annie and continue to seek her guidance to keep me healthy and proactive about tuning into my body to keep it in balance.

K.R., Healdsburg, CA Product Designer
I came to Annie almost crippled by a hormonal and nervous system imbalance. I could not walk by myself, I was scared and I did not understand what was happening with my body. Annie gently worked through the layers of my health problem, and in just three months she was able to get to the bottom of an issue that had accumulated for many  years due to stress. I learned a lot about my body and I was able to find my balance. It felt great after eliminating toxic layers, and I also embraced her suggestion to go gluten-free. I feel much lighter, and I have a better outlook on life, now.
S.S College Student
I found Annie to be very helpful.  I stayed in Sonoma County primarily to regain my health as I was experiencing all of the classic symptoms of Hypothyroidism,  I’d had a tremendous weight gain, my skin and hair were extremely dry, I was always fatigued and had lost a lot of muscle strength.  I started a purely vegan diet prior to meeting with Annie, but she offered some diet adjustment advice and started me on supplements for thyroid and adrenal support.  It has been almost two months since my first visit and I am feeling almost completely back to normal.  My energy is back, I’m losing weight and I have enough strength to start working out again.  The improvement has been incredible.  I highly recommend Annie to anyone who wishes to have an alternative solution to their ailments.
J.M. Broker/Owner Absaroka Realty Inc. CRS, GRI

Annie’s work is extraordinary–she is a very gentle, intuitive and loving person. She was able to help me recognize some chronic issues underlying my health, and put me on a self-empowering path to health & wellness… am greatly beholden to her for the healing work she brings to our community …

C.S., Santa Rosa, CA Documentary Filmmaker

I recommend regular acupuncture treatments and natural remedies from Annie Osborn to anyone who wants to keep their body going in the direction of great health. I am in my mid 60′s and for 8 years Annie has helped me with the following:

I have Hepatitis C and my liver enzymes have been consistently in the normal range.
Whenever my energy level dips, Annie’s energy points restore me to vitality.
On my foot, a lump and heel spurs had been interfering with my ability to exercise. The next step for the podiatrist I was seeing was surgery. Annie’s acupuncture cured both. The lump completely disappeared!

A mass developed on my left ovary. With acupuncture, it has totally disappeared.

B.P., M.S., Santa Rosa, CA Feng Shui Consulting

Author of “Lion Taming, the Courage to Deal with Difficult People, Including Yourself”

I am a bicycle racer year round. Annie helped me quickly resolve a debilitating health problem so that I was able to train and race at full speed. Annie is so wonderful to work with, an integral of my performance team! I highly recommend working with Annie if you want good health and top athletic performance.

P.C., Santa Rosa, CA Bicycle Racer

Todd here with a dazzled smile on my face. I found my happy today. It was so vivid, it was almost scary. I sang better in the shower. The joy of playing with my cat was unbridled. My breath found its proper place. My posture is perfect. The day stretches out before me full of possibilities. The part in me that wants to question, quantify, second-guess is taking a back seat, and its voice is reduced to ancient folly.

You helped me find me, the one I knew was in there somewhere. I’m very aware of my body and a general opening up. I won’t look at this moment with questions, only revelations. Thank you!

T.T., CA Rohnert Park, CA


Annie uses Physicians Choice Line Supplements in her Rejuvenation Clinic for treating and rebalancing the body.

These naturopathic nutritionals are formulated by Dr. Norman Easley, N.D., D.C. in his partner clinic, Core Medical, based on 50 years of empirical clinical research and quality testing.

Patients & clients of Annie’s Natural Medicine can order the Physicians Choice Line Supplements exclusively through Annie and have them delivered straight to their home.